Single family appraisals start at                            $400+

Jumbo single family appraisal (value 500K +)        $500+  

Single family income property (rental)                  $500+

Two or three unit residential appraisal                  $550+

Four unit residential appraisal                              $600+

    (if client requires additional photos of active listings and rental comps, add $50)

Condominium appraisal                                      $400+

Field review                                                       $400+

Field review with interior inspection                      $500+

    Enhanced field review (additional comps) add $25          

Desk review                                                      $300+

Enhanced desk review (additional comps)            $350+

Interior / Exterior inspection (no value opinion)    $200+

Form 2055 (exterior drive-by)                            $300+

Form 2075 (exterior drive-by)                            $200+

Pre-closing final inspection (completed repairs)    $150+

Rent schedule and operating income statement    $150  +


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